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3TH4 Time Delay Relay / 8 Pole 10 Pole Contactor Relay Switch

3TH4 Time Delay Relay / 8 Pole 10 Pole Contactor Relay Switch

 3TH4 Time Delay Relay / 8 Pole 10 Pole Contactor Relay Switch
 3TH4 Time Delay Relay / 8 Pole 10 Pole Contactor Relay Switch  3TH4 Time Delay Relay / 8 Pole 10 Pole Contactor Relay Switch

Large Image :  3TH4 Time Delay Relay / 8 Pole 10 Pole Contactor Relay Switch Get Best Price

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Germany
Certification: CE
Model Number: 3TH4
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 2 PCS
Price: consult best discount
Packaging Details: schneider original package
Delivery Time: 2-4 days
Payment Terms: T/T, , Western Union,Paypal,, MoneyGram,, L/C
Supply Ability: 500
Detailed Product Description
Application: Control Relays Series: 3TH42 And 3TH43
Operation: Ac Current Pole: 8 Pole And 10 Pole
Warrently: 12 Months Discount: Yes
High Light:

thermal overload relay


contactor relay switch

             3TH4 Industrial Control Relay 8 Pole 10 Pole Contactor Relays



Standards IEC/EN 60947‑1, IEC/EN 60947‑5‑1

The 3TH42 and 3TH43 contactor relays are suitable for use in any climate. They are finger-safe according to IEC 60529.


The 3TH42 and 3TH43 contactor relays feature positively-driven operation in accordance with IEC 60947-5-1, Ed. 3.1.

Terminal designations according to EN 50011

In terms of their terminal designations, identification numbers and identification letters, the 3TH42 and 3TH43 contactor relays conform to the standard EN 50011 for Specific Contactor Relays.

Contact reliability

High contact stability at low voltages and currents as a result of double-break contact, suitable for solid-state circuits with currents ≥ 1 mA at a voltage of ≥ 17 V.

Surge suppression

The 3TH42 and 3TH43 contactor relays can be equipped with RC elements, varistors, diodes or diode assemblies (combination of a diode and a Zener diode) for damping opening surges. The surge arresters can be connected directly on the coil, 


The OFF-delay times of the NO contacts and the ON-delay times of the NC contacts increase if the contactor coils are attenuated against voltage peaks (suppression diode 6x to 10x; diode assembly 2x to 6x; varistor +2 to 5 ms).



With 3TH4 contactor relays with AC operation, an overvoltage of 1.1 x Us, an ambient temperature ≥ 45 °C and 100% ON-period of all contactors, a minimum clearance of 5 mm between the contactors shall be observed in the case of side-by-side mounting.


Main Types For Reference

3TH4373-0BB4 3TH43730BB4
3TH4373-0LB4 24V Control Relay 3TH4373-0L
3TH4373-OA Control Relay 3TH4373-OAJ1
3TH4382-0B CONTACT RELAY 8S+2O/8N0+2NC 230/600 VOLT AC
3TH4382-0LB4 Contactor 24VDC 3TH4382-0LB4
3TH4391-0B Magnetic Contactor With 24VDC Coil
3TH4391-OB 3TH4391OB Contactor Relay
3TH4454-0A Contactor 3TH44540A 120V Coil
3TH4454-0A Contactor 3TH44540A 120V Coil W/ Contact Block
3TH8-022-0B 3TH80220B
3TH8-031-0AP0/3TH80-31-0AP0/3TH8031-0AP0/3TH80310AP0 RELAY
3TH8-040-0A/3TH80-40-0A/3TH8040-0A/3TH80400A CONTACTOR 220VAC
3TH8-244-0AK6/3TH82-44-0AK6/3TH8244-0AK6/3TH82440AK6 RELAY
3TH8-253-0B/3TH82-53-0B/3TH8253-0B/3TH82530B 24VDC RELAY
3TH8-253-3M 3TH82533M
3TH8-262-0A/3TH82-62-0A/3TH8262-0A/3TH82620A CONTACTOR 42VAC COIL
3TH8-262-0B/3TH82-62-0B/3TH8262-0B/3TH82620B INDUSTRIAL RELAY
3TH8-271-0B/3TH82-71-0B/3TH8271-0B/3TH82710B CONTACTOR
3TH8-354-1E/3TH83-54-1E/3TH8354-1E/3TH83541E CONTROL RELAY
3TH8-355-0A/3TH83-55-0A/3TH8355-0A/3TH83550A CONTACTOR
3TH8-355-0BB4 3TH83550BB4
3TH80 04-0A Contactor 16A Coil 110 VAC
3TH80 16-0A Contactor 16 AMP 600V AC , Warranty
3TH80 16-0A Relay Working Pull
3TH80 17-0A Relay Working Pull
3TH80 22-0A Contactor/ Control Relay 132V Coil Good Condition
3TH80-22-GA 3TH8022GA
3TH8004-0BB4 3TH80040BB4
3TH8013-0AJ1 3TH80130AJ1
3TH8022-0A Contactor
3TH8022-0AG2 3TH80220AG2
3TH8031-0AN1 3TH80310AN1
3TH8031-0BB4 Contactors, 4 Pole, 10 Amp, Lots of 3,
3TH8040-0A 3TH80400A 40E CONTACTOR
3TH8040-0A Sz 14 4NO Working Pull
3TH8040-0A 3TH80400A
3TH8040-0A-J2 3TH80400AJ2
3TH8040-0A-L0 3TH80400AL0
3TH8040-0A-N2 3TH80400AN2
3TH8040-0A-P0 3TH80400AP0
3TH8040-0B **
3TH8040-0BB4 contactor relay 24VDC ()
3TH8040-0E CONTACTOR COIL 24-29V 4NO16A 240V RE
3TH8040-OAK6 3TH8040OAK6
3TH8095-0A Contactor
3TH8095-0AK6 contactor relay 120v coil
3TH8096-0AK6 contactor relay 120v coil
3TH82 44-0A Contactor Control Relay
3TH82 44-0B CONTACTOR 3TH82440B
3TH82 44-OA Contactor Relay 4 NO 4 NC 16 Amp
3TH82 62-0A Contactor Coil Relay Working Pull
3TH82 97-0A Working Pull
3TH8244-0AB1 3TH82440AB1
3TH8244-0AJ2 3TH82440AJ2
3TH8244-0AK1 3TH82440AK1
3TH8244-0AK6 3TH82440AK6
3TH8244-0AK6 3TH82440AK6
3TH8244-0B 4no+4nc 24vdc Relay pullout Guaranteed
3TH8244-0B contactor w/ 24vdc coil
3TH8244-0XF0 3TH82440XF0
3TH82440AP6 3TH82440AP6
3TH8253-0A Working Pull 3TH82 53-0A
3TH8253-0B Relay 3TH82530B 24VDC
3TH8253-0B 3TH82530B
3TH8253-0BG4 3TH82530BG4
3TH8253-0E 3TH82530E
3TH8253-0F 3TH82530F
3TH8262-0A 110V **
3TH8262-0A CONTACT RELAY 115V COIL ********
3TH8262-0B 6no+2nc 24vdc Relay pullout Guaranteed
3TH8280-0AG2 3TH82800AG2
3TH8280-OAK6 CONTROL RELAY AC 120V 60HZ 110V 50


 3TH4 Time Delay Relay / 8 Pole 10 Pole Contactor Relay Switch 0

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